Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Outfit of the Day: Casual Flare

Top: Vintage, Jeans: Gap (DIY-ed) & Converse


Today I drove to London for a final day spending some time with the family I am going to start nannying for in a few weeks, so the outfit is quite casual and conservative...but I decided to put it up because I think this lace top is super nice and it's the first time I've worn these jeans since dying them. They were originally a dusky purple, which I did really like but it just didn't go with that much and, as I like the fit a lot I wanted to wear them more - they are now a rich shade of navy. How do you all feel about a bit of 70's-esque flare, you game?

Kate x

Monday, 30 July 2012

Outfit Post: Colour Pop

Top & Necklace: H&M, Trousers: ASOS, Nail Varnish: Rimmel

Hello again, 

This is what I'm wearing today for a simple day at home..you can't see them (as in the picture I look even more weird and moody than I do in this - why can't I look normal smiling?!) but I'm also wearing low top white converse. Anyway, here is the classic use of the indispensable breton top, it is such a wardrobe essential, this one is about 4 years old and I feel I may invest in another, you have to stock up on your basics, right?!These are my favourite trousers, they are the trousers I feel best in, as sometimes my pear-ishness makes me feel a little large in trousers, but not these (though yes I am aware they have the occasional tendency to fold in not such a flattering way in the crotch area...but it's unusual so I fully forgive them!). 

I am trying to take more care in creating a whole 'look' by changing up nail and make-up etc, despite the fact my face looks all blotch because I've been running around like a headless chicken, I am actually wearing make-up! But for this look I focused on co-ordinating my purple Rimmel Nail Varnish and my turquoise Mac eyeshadow with my outfit. 

Kate x

The Graduate (minus one Mrs Robinson)

Gown: provided by University of Leeds! Skirt: Vintage, Top: River Island, Shoes: Barratts, Earrings: Accessorize & Nail Varnish: Barry M

T-shirt: Lulu Guinness for Uniqlo, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: eBay & Bracelet: eBay


So, finally, here are some pictures from my Graduation - a long time coming I know! So I was intending on putting up a shot of me alone (though my parents look great I think!), but all of the individual shots are shall we say, not so great (i.e. ewww weird face), to be honest I'm not loving the first one of these either, but beggars can't be choosers - so glad we will be keeping these shots for the rest of my life! Anyway, I was a little sceptical about graduation, I thought it was going to be over in a flash and make the 3 hour drive and the 8am arrival (for a 9.30 start) way too effortful - but it was great. There was many a photo opportunity, champagne, a little reception with wine and canapes (free I should add!) and the weather just about held out. I know it's a right of passage, but I didn't expect to enjoy it so much. The other great thing was all the amazing meals I got to have - one at this great Leeds restaurant Little Tokyo (yummmm sushi!) and then my official graduation meal at this incredible local restaurant Wild Thyme - if you are ever in the cotswolds you should check it out, it's in Chipping Norton. To tempt you I will tell you about my starter: Chicken, Sundried Tomato and Crayfish terrine on a bed of Pesto and Aubergine puree. Now, I know what you're thinking - so many flavours, quite an odd combination, I'm not sure....but I am telling you to be sure, all the meals have that unusual twist, but they are so worth it - trust me, go eat up every delicious morsel! After being all smart for my graduation I casual-ed for that evening wearing my new Lulu Guinness tee, skinny jeans and red lipstick.

In terms of what to wear for graduation, I kept ordering & returning, trying on & discarding many an outfit...you see, the thing is, I just don't really have much occasion for 'day-time elegant/ladylike/smart' - I'm from the casual generation! Anyway I finally decided on this beautiful vintage lace skirt (I need to find more occasions to wear it), I ran to River Island sale and bought this blouse (which actually has a beautiful cut out detail on the back) and these cheap as chips sale shoes bought last christmas from Barratts (which are inherently evil and pinch my feet like they are obese and I'm trying to squeeze them into a size zero or something!).  Good luck to everyone else at their graduations!

Kate x

Thursday, 26 July 2012

No Fuss Needed

No Fuss Needed

Fresh Laundry white top
$93 - donnaida.com

Jason Wu leather pencil skirt

Christian Louboutin lace pumps

Balmain embroidered handbag
$1,245 - balmain.com

Giorgio Armani lip makeup

Barry M foil nail polish
$4.65 - bankfashion.co.uk

Now, normally I like patterns and essentially quite a lot going on in an outfit, it's just how things often end up. But when it comes to monochrome (which I adore) all that changes, I appreciate it's strength in simplicity, and with sexy leather skirts I love the contrast of a white t-shirt...simple pleasures! If I could, I would add to that outfit these INCREDIBLE shoes, for which I would consider eating my own arm to possess, all I would need to do after that would be find somewhere to wear this outfit....

Kate x

Outfit: Pretty Summer dresses

Dress: Primark


So I have some nice posts regarding graduation and a recent trip to london, but I cannot find the appropriate lead that connects my camera to the computer. So this is a quick snap of this scarf print dress I grabbed in Primark (in the saler for a fiver!) whilst in London when I ran in only to buy a pair of cooler shoes ( I was wearing black ankle boots and had serious envy for all the sensible, intelligent people in sandals with the breeze keeping their feet cool! Anyway, let's move on from discussing my feet...). I have a slight love-hate relationship with pretty skater dresses because they are a very flattering shape on me, but they make me feel a bit like an overgrown child, i struggle with an outfit being too pretty-pretty. So perhaps to get past this I am wearing this new 'vomit/green olives green' nail varnish, I stood staring at in boots trying to decide whether I loved it or hated it. It's true colour is not coming out so well in these pictures - it's a really mustardy, old 70's curtains kind of green (no offence intended to collection 2000, I do love it in all it's ugly-cool glory!). I've ranted on for a while about nail varnish now so I think I'll stop - if anyone has some pretty dress tips please share. But today I'm embracing a little bit of 'pretty-pretty'.

Kate x

Friday, 20 July 2012

Outfit of the day: Grunged-up florals

Skirt: Vintage, Jumper: H&M, Belt: Primark & Backpack: Urban Outfitters


This is my outfit today, florals with a grunge twist (necessities of british summer!) - I'm off to a friends and then going for some drinks tonight so should have some more outfit posts soon. I know I've been going on endlessly about the weather, but it really does affect the summer fashion choices, especially for someone like myself who is not going away to anywhere warm this summer! The weather has meant adding an edge to what would normally be bona-fide summer outfits, for me generally meaning a grunge kind of twist...how are you managing to wear your summer buys? With the release of AW/12 lookbooks I generally find myself looking forward to the new trends heading our way, have you found anything you particularly like? I'll be uploading a post dedicated to river islands new season collection, its A-MAZING. So much so I'm tempted to do what I never do and try and get vouchers for my birthday (in a month) to use when all this stuff comes out and I am a skint londoner trying to save money to go travelling! Ahhhhh River Island I love thee and how fashion forward you have become!

Kate x

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Highstreet A/W 12

All above Primark A/W 12 - thanks to: company.co.uk and mainstreamimpact.wordpress.com

Topshop A/W 12 - thanks to: fashionising.com

H&M A/W 12 - thanks to: kimgodschalk.blogspot.com

So the high street have been releasing gorgeous Lookbooks in the recent weeks and these are some of my favourite shots. I love the mix of vintage inspiration with an abundance of patterns - in particular the consistent strong nod to the sixties. An era I am having a real crush on right now...as you may have noticed from my polyvore set. I think Primark deserves a particular mention for seriously upping their fashion ante, don't you agree? We are almost in autumn-esque weather so I say: bring on the trends! Have you seen anything special out there? Any trends you're particularly looking forward to?

Kate x

Skater Girl

Dress: Vintage, Bag: Vintage & Shoes: New Look

It's a little bit summery - I'm not even wearing a jacket..celebrations commence. Anyway, enough talking about the notorious british weather, today (an errand running and home task based day) I am showcasing one of my favourite shapes - the Skater. As you may have realised the Skater is a loyal friend to me, and I'll tell you why - the skater is universally flattering for me, as a girl that has a reasonably fine waist, but is not so slender around the bum-thigh area...I think I'd be described as a 'pear'. Anyhow as you may know the combo of the ever-lasting high waisted trend and many a fashion-house continuing to produce some lovely skater styles (aka ASOS who has a feature on them right now, see here) I say: Long live the Skater in all her flattering, thigh skimming glory!

Kate x

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

London's Calling

London's Calling


I spent the weekend in London, chilling out with my sister and some friends in Brixton, Mile End and Shoreditch...going for drinks, watching the tennis - that sort of thing. What did you all get up to?

Anyway, I always find London really inspiring fashion-wise and I continue to agree with, well, basically everyone that many british girls (and boys) have great style. I really enjoy looking out for great street style, though still haven't found the confidence to ask people if I can take pictures of them! So in honour of the weekend (and in anticipation of moving to London at the beginning of September) I have made a polyvore set inspired by London Street style, my style, and my favourite brit girl: Miss Alexa Chung. I will also upload an outfit post tomorrow - containing some of my sale buys..thank you ASOS!

Kate x

p.s. I also think I should get some serious credit for not buying anything, especially as we ventured into the treasure trove which is Beyond Retro (puurrrrrrrr)!

Jason Wu lace top

$49 - monki.com

Zara high heels

Zara high heels

Vintage handbag

Topshop ring

ASOS cat eye sunglasses
$14 - asos.com