Monday, 30 April 2012

Springtime, Creamtime.

Shirt: Blue Rinse Vintage, Collar tips: eBay, Jumper: Charity Shop and Jeans: River Island

So today it was actually a little bit sunny, which was great as it has basically been raining NON STOP everywhere for ever! Anyway I thought I'd wear some embellished florals for the journey back up to leeds, hopefully tomorrows weather will be as lovely and I can wear this new dress I have...

Kate x

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Red run, Run red, Red run.

Biker Jacket: Muubaa, Jeans: v. old River Island, Jumper: Vintage from Charity shop, Bag: Vintage, Boots: eBay, Gold Necklace: Tiffany (gift!), Key necklace: gift, Rings: not sure, H&M and Accessorize, Bracelet: eBay.

So it's my sisters birthday today and I'm off home to see her and go out for a lovely dinner - this is what I'm wearing...well must run (see what I did there - I'm so cool!). Hope you all have a lovely weekend. 

Kate x

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hey Spring? Come out, come out, wherever you are..

Jacket: Vintage from eBay, Shorts: Vintage (v.old!), Shirt: Blue Rinse Vintage, B

So this was my outfit today - apologies for looking a tad dishevelled, but it's been raining non-stop in Leeds, and I got totally drenched on the walk home just before I took these snaps! I was trying to be spring-like as I'm really bored of having to wrap up and was embracing some black at all, i was even wearing navy blue tights. When it comes to jewellery, as you can see I am a golden girl through and through, I do make the occasional exception, but on the whole it's gold, gold gold - and these are two of my recent absolute favourites: detachable gold collar tips and stud bracelet, both eBay finds. Well I better get some sleep as need to be up verrrrry early in the morning to toddle off to the library.

Kate x

A couple of snippets of inspiration

 from Style Suzi - love!
 Zara Mirror print dress - incredible!

 Balmain A/W 12 - i have a stash of catwalk pics, but loving this today..

Prada Fantasy Lookbook - just beautiful, intoxicating, wonderful and lovely

Hello, these are just some bits of inspiration for the day - some stuff I've collected from tinternet and some lovely blogs, thank you particularly to Obsessee for hoards of wonderful inspiration. I will hopefully get an outfit post up later...hope everyone is having a lovely day, Kate x

Monday, 23 April 2012

A bit of monochrome and mellow yellow..

 Shirt: Vintage, Dungarees: H&M, Bracelet: eBay, Backpack: Urban Outfitters

Shirt: ASOS marketplace (vintage), Skirt: H&M, Hat: eBay, Biker Jacket: Muubaa

Ok so these are two terrible pictures from yesterday and today before I ran off to the library (where I am now writing this!) - excuse the oust in the top two pictures - post dissertation spring clearn, little embarrassing! Anyway, I am a shirt obsessive (i may count them all and show you all how many I have!), and now I am always walking to the library a true member of the uber cool backpack brigade!I'm particularly fond of this embellished yellow shirt - I love beads for daytime! But sadly the weather isn't really allowing for a more on trend pastel-styling, so it's a more bumble bee style black and yellow ensemble....the cream shirt is kinda nice too, you can't see but it's got a floral print all over it. Anyway, let me know if I avoided the bumble bee issue and I will try to put up some nicer outfit shots in the hopefully not too distant future. 

Kate x

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Embellishment, Embellishment, Embellishment...

I love embellishment (duh!) and this is just a little snippet to anyone else out there of the same disposition - check of Virgos Lounge (pics 3,4,5,6&7), for some pretty, retro inspired treats - the last three pictures are from their new Spring Pastel Collection - yum! If you are thinking more Graphical Gatsby, head on over to River Island (pic 2)...and if you are patient, wait as I am (with bated breath), for the release of the new ASOS Salon range (pic 1), looks amazing to me, though they already have some wonderful lace and embellished dresses already, see here!

Just a bit of Inspiration

(via Stockholme Street Style)

Monday, 16 April 2012

Some casual aztec print..

Jumper: H&M from eBay, Shorts: Vintage, Bomber Jacket: Vintage and Necklace: Topshop

So I know I said that I wouldn't be posting any outfit posts for a few days because I am a few days from my dissertation deadline - but things are going surprisingly well! So I am doing this very quick post, of an outfit that is aimed at the fact I am sitting in the library all day, so nothing fancy I'm afraid. But personally I really love this necklace, and I like the twist it adds to an otherwise pretty simple outfit, what do you think? Also loving the oversized androgyny of this jacket, easy-peasy...

Kate x

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Trouser time

Coat: Vintage, Jumper: American Apparel, Trousers: ASOS, Boots: Vintage, Ring: H&M, Watch: Rotary and Bag: Vintage

It's serious work crack down time so this may be the last outfit post for a  couple of days. I love this outfit, it is a bit mad but it's really comfy without being slob-y (which i just can't cope with really!), if not a little bit of a mad pattern clash between the 3D rose jumper and crochet, lace pattern trousers! I didn't use to be much of a trouser girl, at all, seriously it was all skirts and dresses...but this year the fashion world has really stepped it up in the trouser domain in my opinion, so now I own lot's more pairs - which will probably be making it onto here in the future. Anyway must go back to work - hopefully I will be back relatively soon. 

Kate x

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Mirrored here, there and everywhere!

Mirrored Pattern

So, I am personally a real fan of mirrored print, you can see an outfit post here in which I am wearing a beautiful Warehouse shirt with mirrored floral print. Anyway I did some searching and mirrored print is everywhere, and there really is something out there for everyone! I am on a cheeky online shopping spree to find some nice mirrored print items and I have been really impressed by New Look...check it out, maybe you'll agree! If not, I apologise and please let me know where you think is better!

Kate x