Saturday, 14 April 2012

Trouser time

Coat: Vintage, Jumper: American Apparel, Trousers: ASOS, Boots: Vintage, Ring: H&M, Watch: Rotary and Bag: Vintage

It's serious work crack down time so this may be the last outfit post for a  couple of days. I love this outfit, it is a bit mad but it's really comfy without being slob-y (which i just can't cope with really!), if not a little bit of a mad pattern clash between the 3D rose jumper and crochet, lace pattern trousers! I didn't use to be much of a trouser girl, at all, seriously it was all skirts and dresses...but this year the fashion world has really stepped it up in the trouser domain in my opinion, so now I own lot's more pairs - which will probably be making it onto here in the future. Anyway must go back to work - hopefully I will be back relatively soon. 

Kate x

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  1. I love a smart-and-comfy outfit, this is really nice. The texture of the top and trousers work delightfully with the traditional leathers.