Monday, 27 August 2012

Inspiration: Midi/Pencil Skirts

Thanks to Stockholm Streetstyle where all the images are from. 

Think all these ladies look fantastic - long live the midi skirt!

Kate x

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Boucle Day

Boucle Day

Very tempted to make an extremely unfunny pun i.e. 'its a boucle day-ay-ay, don't let it get away'....

I am lame, I am also very busy in new job but things will calm down soon!

Hopefully put up an outfit post soon...

Kate x

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Outfit of the day: Sixties style

Dress: ASOS from eBay, Bracelet: eBay, Sunglasses: ??? & Shoes: Primark + DIY studs


Bit rushed today as having a birthday party tonight and didn't have enough space for a full length shot! Here is what I'm wearing, a little sixties style dress I purchased off eBay recently. I've clashed it with some leopard print pumps that I've put studs on - I'll be putting a DIY post up soon! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.

Kate x

p.s. that is my dog pepper who got in almost every shot!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Outfit of the day: Mens trousers!

Trousers: Vintage Levi's, Bag: Vintage, Top: New Look from eBay & Shoes: Topshop from eBay


Sorry I've had a crazy busy week so haven't had time to take outfit pictures! This is today - an entirely second hand outfit...I've been really hoping to find a pair of mens trousers to wear and I really like the look and the possibilities (major nineties imaginings). I'm considering doing some DIY rips, what do you reckon - yay or nay? I'm also finally working a smidge of daytime embellishment, I've got this dull gold sequin skirt I want to try when I'm feeling a little bit more daring! I'll do some posting hopefully over the weekend, but it's my birthday on sunday - so forgive me if I fail. Happy Thursday everyone.

Kate x

p.s. weeks and weeks overdue I've had my hair cut, a little shorter than I expected but it'll grow!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Outfit of the day: 50's florals

Jumper: Vintage, Shorts: ASOS, Shoes: ASOS from eBay, Bracelet & Earrings: Vintage


Ahhh thank you ASOS sale, I l-o-v-e these shorts, they have such a pretty 50's feel and are pretty flattering - great! I really like shorts and there are so many on offer...but I often feel they don't really flatter my leg-bum region, these are a happy exception. Most are just that little bit too short, do you not find? Hopefully these are more on the acceptable side! Hmmm...I included picture three as I'm trying to be better at creating a whole look - I don't know if you can tell but I'm wearing this lip stain, if you haven't already I recommend investing in one. They are more day-time friendly than lipstick I often feel but still not just plain lips, I am forcing myself not to buy any others!

Kate x

p.s. these shoes are the best bargain ever - brand new £6 on ebay - wahooo!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Take me to a beach?

Lily Donaldson, Spanish Vogue, May 2012 (from La Fashion Folie)


Can someone whisk me away to a beach? Please? And if I can look like the gorge Miss Donaldson and have these sparkling beauties she wears that would be just swell! Many I know are, have been or will be sunning themselves, I am not seeing a beach this summer..poor me. No, no, I just love this editorial so wanted to put it in. Apologies for a lack of blogging, I've had a stomach bug so not really wearing anything or looking blog-worthy, but I'm on the mend and should have an outfit post up tomorrow. 


Sunday, 5 August 2012

Outfit of the day: The Uniform

Minty fresh nails!

All clothes: Vintage (skirt from eBay, everything else assorted vintage shops)


This type of outfit is becoming a little bit of a uniform for me..I just can't resist all of the beautiful vintage skirts that are running around in vintage shops, charity shops and ebay! So apologies if that is a little boring but I can't help it...I've got another midi-maxi to debut as well. Anyhow, I'm enjoying the assortment of pastels and pales and mixing my ultimate favourite materials: lace & patterns, a nice matching clash in my opinion. Perhaps not quite the british red, white and blue - but the browns are on the red side of things aren't they? Go team GB! So, going to stop rambling and get back to enjoying some more olympics! Hope you are all having an equally enjoyable olympic weekend. 

Kate x

Friday, 3 August 2012

London Town

 V&A Historical Fashion Exhibition
 Diane Kruger at Cannes 2012 (thanks to
 V&A Historical Fashion Exhibition - late 19th/early 20th century
 V&A Historical Fashion - 1940's (I know!??)
 V&A Ballgown Exhibition (
 A sunny Hyde Park
 Spittlefields Market

 My outfit, Dress: Vintage, Necklace & Hat: H&M


So a couple of weeks ago I was in London for a few interviews, luckily I had a day in the sun with my lovely friend Charlotte. We spent a lovely couple of hours in the V&A checking out some of their fashion exhibitions. I couldn't help but draw some comparisons between the lovely Diane Kruger (some may know my admiration for her style) in Cannes and a 19th Century dress (pic 1 & 2)! The necklace in shot 2 I loved, and reminded me of some on the 2012 catwalks, in full on choker style, finally within the same exhibition was this amazing dress which I massively covet - I'm loving green at the moment and enjoying it being back in trends, what shocked me was that it was from the 1940's (!) I think it looks really, really modern.

We also had tickets for the Ballgown exhibition which I had heard a lot about and was very much looking forward to. I did enjoy the exhibition, particularly the downstairs floor which was vintage fashion - including the iconic pearl dress and bolero worn by Princess Diana and some mad dresses, such as one which looked like pastel duvet material embroidered with castles and a story! Upstairs in a futuristic grey and silver set (pic 5) were some modern British designers, some were outright shocking and perhaps a little weird, some were beautiful...but if I'm honest a fair few were a little disappointing, obviously there is a taste factor but some designers I really admire I felt had better designs - as fantastic as the dresses were. Have any of you seen it?

We then had time sitting in a very sunny Hyde Park (pic 6), wondered around some vintage shops and spittlefields market (pic 7) and sat outside having a lovely drink in the sun beneath these pretty umbrellas - I've annoyingly forgotten the name of where we were, but it's very near Liverpool station (just past Urban Outfitters) and has incredible mixmash of beautiful vintage wallpapers and a wonderful matrodee! I don't actually have any pictures of me, but this is what I wore (pic 8 & 9); a DIY vintage dress which I shortened and added this lace to - now such an easy dress to just chuck on. I teemed it with a bowler hat, black ankle boots, my black backpack and this H&M neon necklace to give a modern touch.

Kate x