Friday, 3 August 2012

London Town

 V&A Historical Fashion Exhibition
 Diane Kruger at Cannes 2012 (thanks to
 V&A Historical Fashion Exhibition - late 19th/early 20th century
 V&A Historical Fashion - 1940's (I know!??)
 V&A Ballgown Exhibition (
 A sunny Hyde Park
 Spittlefields Market

 My outfit, Dress: Vintage, Necklace & Hat: H&M


So a couple of weeks ago I was in London for a few interviews, luckily I had a day in the sun with my lovely friend Charlotte. We spent a lovely couple of hours in the V&A checking out some of their fashion exhibitions. I couldn't help but draw some comparisons between the lovely Diane Kruger (some may know my admiration for her style) in Cannes and a 19th Century dress (pic 1 & 2)! The necklace in shot 2 I loved, and reminded me of some on the 2012 catwalks, in full on choker style, finally within the same exhibition was this amazing dress which I massively covet - I'm loving green at the moment and enjoying it being back in trends, what shocked me was that it was from the 1940's (!) I think it looks really, really modern.

We also had tickets for the Ballgown exhibition which I had heard a lot about and was very much looking forward to. I did enjoy the exhibition, particularly the downstairs floor which was vintage fashion - including the iconic pearl dress and bolero worn by Princess Diana and some mad dresses, such as one which looked like pastel duvet material embroidered with castles and a story! Upstairs in a futuristic grey and silver set (pic 5) were some modern British designers, some were outright shocking and perhaps a little weird, some were beautiful...but if I'm honest a fair few were a little disappointing, obviously there is a taste factor but some designers I really admire I felt had better designs - as fantastic as the dresses were. Have any of you seen it?

We then had time sitting in a very sunny Hyde Park (pic 6), wondered around some vintage shops and spittlefields market (pic 7) and sat outside having a lovely drink in the sun beneath these pretty umbrellas - I've annoyingly forgotten the name of where we were, but it's very near Liverpool station (just past Urban Outfitters) and has incredible mixmash of beautiful vintage wallpapers and a wonderful matrodee! I don't actually have any pictures of me, but this is what I wore (pic 8 & 9); a DIY vintage dress which I shortened and added this lace to - now such an easy dress to just chuck on. I teemed it with a bowler hat, black ankle boots, my black backpack and this H&M neon necklace to give a modern touch.

Kate x

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