Monday, 8 April 2013

Outfit of the Day: Dungarees, Overalls...Man Repellers!

Dungarees: Rokit, Shirt: H&M, Ring: ASOS, Bracelet: Whistles, Bag: Primark & Shoes: Boohoo


So here they are finally, I've had these and been wearing them around the house for a while...but I needed to get them tapered as they were real wide ankle swingers before. I'm pretty happy the 90's revival have brought these back around, I've had short pairs for years but I'm enjoying going full length. They are incredibly comfortable, though not necessarily the most figure enhancing of items! They feel a lot like wearing pyjamas. I also realise that they are unlikely to be deemed as very attractive by men (though I know many men have wonderful fashion appreciation), a notion I am not unfamiliar with. I have a friend who is fashionable, but definitely in a elegant and classy way, a look which is very man friendly. She occasionally jokes with me about how man unfriendly my outfits are! 

Now, don't get me wrong, I am man aware and I would like a man to appreciate how I look, but not to the point that it would ever change what I wear. Something that is championed by the wonderful Leandra at The Man Repeller, a blog I have long since adored. Something in fact that said friend recently sent me a link to as she thought I would like it..she was right. What do you think of the average man's fashion opinions?

Kate x


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  2. I think that the overalls look fantastic! Overalls are tricky to pull off, but you definitely have the right idea I think! Awesome job!