Friday, 20 July 2012

Outfit of the day: Grunged-up florals

Skirt: Vintage, Jumper: H&M, Belt: Primark & Backpack: Urban Outfitters


This is my outfit today, florals with a grunge twist (necessities of british summer!) - I'm off to a friends and then going for some drinks tonight so should have some more outfit posts soon. I know I've been going on endlessly about the weather, but it really does affect the summer fashion choices, especially for someone like myself who is not going away to anywhere warm this summer! The weather has meant adding an edge to what would normally be bona-fide summer outfits, for me generally meaning a grunge kind of are you managing to wear your summer buys? With the release of AW/12 lookbooks I generally find myself looking forward to the new trends heading our way, have you found anything you particularly like? I'll be uploading a post dedicated to river islands new season collection, its A-MAZING. So much so I'm tempted to do what I never do and try and get vouchers for my birthday (in a month) to use when all this stuff comes out and I am a skint londoner trying to save money to go travelling! Ahhhhh River Island I love thee and how fashion forward you have become!

Kate x

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  1. So pretty!

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    ox from NYC!