Thursday, 26 July 2012

Outfit: Pretty Summer dresses

Dress: Primark


So I have some nice posts regarding graduation and a recent trip to london, but I cannot find the appropriate lead that connects my camera to the computer. So this is a quick snap of this scarf print dress I grabbed in Primark (in the saler for a fiver!) whilst in London when I ran in only to buy a pair of cooler shoes ( I was wearing black ankle boots and had serious envy for all the sensible, intelligent people in sandals with the breeze keeping their feet cool! Anyway, let's move on from discussing my feet...). I have a slight love-hate relationship with pretty skater dresses because they are a very flattering shape on me, but they make me feel a bit like an overgrown child, i struggle with an outfit being too pretty-pretty. So perhaps to get past this I am wearing this new 'vomit/green olives green' nail varnish, I stood staring at in boots trying to decide whether I loved it or hated it. It's true colour is not coming out so well in these pictures - it's a really mustardy, old 70's curtains kind of green (no offence intended to collection 2000, I do love it in all it's ugly-cool glory!). I've ranted on for a while about nail varnish now so I think I'll stop - if anyone has some pretty dress tips please share. But today I'm embracing a little bit of 'pretty-pretty'.

Kate x

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