Thursday, 12 July 2012

Skater Girl

Dress: Vintage, Bag: Vintage & Shoes: New Look

It's a little bit summery - I'm not even wearing a jacket..celebrations commence. Anyway, enough talking about the notorious british weather, today (an errand running and home task based day) I am showcasing one of my favourite shapes - the Skater. As you may have realised the Skater is a loyal friend to me, and I'll tell you why - the skater is universally flattering for me, as a girl that has a reasonably fine waist, but is not so slender around the bum-thigh area...I think I'd be described as a 'pear'. Anyhow as you may know the combo of the ever-lasting high waisted trend and many a fashion-house continuing to produce some lovely skater styles (aka ASOS who has a feature on them right now, see here) I say: Long live the Skater in all her flattering, thigh skimming glory!

Kate x

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