Saturday, 7 April 2012

Easter Greetings to you all...

I have found these lovely 'Easter Greetings' Cards...I could have put loads on here but here are a couple:

So I hope you all have a lovely Easter Bank Holiday Weekend! My mum is awesome and we're having a day of walking (need to go actually..), having incredible cakes, easter egg hunts and lovely food all day long, with friends and of course - drinks! So I am dressed kinda practical, so not really colourful and spring-y I'm afraid, maybe I can change as the day goes on? A bit O.T.T I suspect, plus I have realised that I bought a useless selection of clothing back from Leeds with here I am for the day - must leave now to go on the walk!

 Jeans: H&M, Jacket: Vintage, Jumper: Monki (my sisters!), Collar: eBay and Ring: Accessorize

Kate x

p.s. apologies for the state of the photos but our puppy knocked a glass of wine over my laptop yesterday so it's now in the airing cupboard (hoping to dry an keep my dissertation intact!) so I'm taking photos on my mums computer - even worse than mine!


  1. Ah thanks - It's not available on Monki anymore but you may be able to find it on eBay x