Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Casual denim, denim

Jumpsuit: Vintage, Belt: Vintage and Loafers: New Look

You gotta love denim, no? Well I sure do, but I like it in interesting forms such as this Vintage jumpsuit. I'm sorry there is not a full length shot, for some reason it will not appear upright - only horizontal which is a little useless really! Anyway here it is, I particularly like the lace details as I am obsessed with lace and I like the daytime lace trend. Admittedly this jumpsuit is a little on the 'boiler-suit shape' side of things, but I forgive it due to loveliness and comfiness. I'm wearing it today with leather touches. These shoes were a christmas present from my granny and they're real, actual, soft and lovely leather...love em!

Kate x

p.s. if anyone saw before that the puppy spilt wine on my computer you'll be happy to know the laptop survived except for the fact I now have to be permanently attached to a power supply as the connection to the battery has disappeared!

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