Friday, 6 April 2012


 This is my fave - leather and lace
 I like red and pink looking so good together

So there is a difference for me between the influence of Alexa Chung and Diane Kruger and that of Audrey Tatou. So with Alexa I feel like some of her style essence is within my grasp - that I can feel directly inspired by what she wears as well as her ability to wear anything with that british Alexa twist, the undone-ness. Then with Diane it's her elegance, the ability to wear something extraordinary but not be overpowered by it, the grown-up side of me really aspires to the way she dresses. Now it's different with Audrey - I think she's beautiful and there's a sensuality to her beauty that strikes me whenever I see her in print or on film. Yes, I agree it does sound like I fancy her - I suppose there is a similarity, a bit of a girl crush I've had since I saw Amelie aged twelve-ish! Basically I think she's bloomin' gorgeous and it's that and her style that is making me put her on here. Yep I think if I could look like anyone it would be her, though please do not worry I am happy as me, but you know...I'm not genetically blessed like she!

Kate x

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