Thursday, 24 January 2013

Outfit of the Day: Dove Grey

Jacket: MuuBaa, Top: Urban Outfitters & Skirt: Label Lab


Sale shopping. Always a risky business, especially for someone like me who is an impulsive shopper at the best of times. You may of noticed I do not have a varied array of basics, more a huge collection of random items and styles...much of which are also patterned! This skirt however, I think - hope, was a sensible (ish)'s a dove grey, real suede skirt that was reduced from £85 to £20. I enjoyed debuting my bargain to the ballet with my family this week, an elegant skirt for an elegant occasion. I teamed it with my flatmates beautiful new printed silk top. I did have some better pictures of this outfit, somehow I have deleted them, apologies, particularly as the top has a lovely low scooping back detail...

Kate x

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