Friday, 21 December 2012

Outfit of the Day: Camo Combo

Jacket: Vintage, Hat, Necklace & Jumper: H&M and Skirt: Primark


Doesn't this skirt look like leather, yeh?...well I think it does, anndddd it's not! It's some effect I do not understand and has this light pattern printed onto it, just lovely - and it's burgundy, oh sorry 'oxblood' that, it's burgundy but oxblood does just sound so much better doesn't it!Sorry for my lack of posts this week, managed to slip down some steps and twist my ankle on the weekend and haven't been wearing anything that's tight on the ankle due to the fat leg issue, not so fashion fantastic! Back now though. Hope everyone is starting to have a lovely festive time. 

Kate x

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