Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Outfit of the Day: Preppy Pupil

Jacket: MuuBaa, Jumper: Vintage, Collar: Vintage, Skirt: Primark & Bag: Vintage


Please forgive the grane-y nature of these photos, they were taken at half six before I had to rush of to work for a very early start - not much light at that time of an autumn morning! I have titled this post 'Preppy Pupil' as it is perhaps, leaning all too closely to school uniform...but not so much that I found the energy to pick something else to wear!

The only thing I actually wanted to mention is: Jumpers! Hooray for the cool weather and, the allowance for them to find their way back into my wardrobe. This season has a glorious array of jumpers on the catwalk and high-street alike, I could mention some of my favourites but I am sure you are aware - many a magazine have documented the selection. This one is actually stolen, my sister abandoned it due to her move to a flat with limited storage, I decided to adopt it when I went home and cram it into my equally limited storaged abode! I really like the pop of cobalt blue and monochrome pattern combo...I very much want to wander around buying endless jumpers, amongst many other things...but alas, my income does not allow. I have, despite this, bought myself a rather colourful, vintage number from the lovely store belonging to LP FashionPhilosophy which is hopefully making it's journey from America as I write, it will make it's debut as soon as it arrives on these shores!

Kate x

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