Sunday, 10 June 2012

Can I be a grungey nineties teen?

Jacket: MuuBaa, Dress: Charity shop, Backpack: Urban Outfitters, Boots & Jewellery: eBay and Nail Varnish: Topshop.

Hello! How is everyone? I'm back in the land of the south and amazed by how green the countryside is, and how loud all the birds are - very different to the alarms and drunken calls and brawls of students in Leeds! To be honest it hasn't really hit me that I have L-E-F-T U-N-I-V-E-R-S-I-T-Y...I keep saying it to myself, as do others but it refuses to sink in! I'll let you know when it does, anyhow this is what I wore yesterday, I had lunch with some friends and then went to Oxford for some dinner, drinks and dancing - I'll upload those pictures in a bit. So I have basically been avoiding unpacking, I'll upload that picture too and you'll understand why - I think I may need to downsize my wardrobe (which ultimately will just mean money for more clothes...eeek). 

Kate x

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