Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I want to drive my car, I want to..

Skirt: Primark (from eBay), Jumper: River Island (from eBay) and Jacket: Muubaa

So today I am L-E-A-V-I-N-G the house, oh yeah! So this meant I have an excuse to dress nice, I'm going to see my Granny for lunch (my Gran is amazing, we chat and gossip about most stuff!) and then two of my friends are coming round for some food tonight. This skirt is a great copy of the Prada one, by Primark (I got mine on eBay), it really moves amazingly, swish, swish, swish etc. So as you can see I wanted to show this by 'elegantly twirling' around so you could see the movement - but I didn't really succeed; what is my face doing?! Also I fell asleep when my hair was wet, so that's looking the wrong side of bed-head as well...oh well perhaps the outfit makes up for it all?

Kate x

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